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Day 1
►The rise on citadel Narikala, from where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the city.
►Walk down to World famous sulfuric baths, a favourite place of visit of A. Pushkin and A.Dumas. Where it is possible to take a bathe in sulfuric sources, it is a great place to relax (extra fee for bathes)
►The square of 3 churches, where peacefully coexist Christian church, a Mousque and a Synagogue.
► Shardeni Street is a favourite place of pastime for residents.
► Reise by the cable car to the Funicular to observe the city from the highest point

Day 2
We start the tour from Jvari monastery and finish in Racha.
►Jvari monastery, which first walls were erected in the IV century. From the slopes of the hill on which was erected monastery Jvari, you can see merging steams of two rivers: Aragvi and Kura (Mtkvari)
Hotel Shauri – Nikortsminda – Ambrolauri – Mravadzali – Hotel Shauri (105 km)
►During the tour we will visit Racha region, Nikortsminda, Ambrolauri, then visit the village Mravadzali, hike to the mountain which is 2000 meters above sea level, where we can see the Caucasus Mountains. We will have the possibility to walk 2-4-6 km on the mountains. The hiking path there is medium difficulty and same time safe.
►Overnight in Shauri.

Day 3
Shaori – Ghviri – Tskhushusheri – Nakurale, hiking trail 6-7 km. In Koreni Family Hotel “Korenishuli Veranda”.
After breakfast we will visit Rioni Gorge, see Ghvirishi waterfall, Nakurale village and Ditsor mountain, there is a possibility to see Asji Mountain, we will see the Millennium Lime Tree, tree is so big that it needs 13 people clasp it. We will visit one family in Tskhushuvi village, where we will taste the offerings. After dinner will go hiking, hiking difficulty is medium (6-7 km). Return to hotel

Day 4
After breakfast we will pass through the beautiful valley of Rioni and reach Orbel Pass, we will see ruins fortresses along the way. From the high point of the pass you can see the town of Tsageri. After visiting Tsageri we will head to Kvemo Svaneti region. Lower Svaneti is distinguished by the beauty of nature as well as the variety of local dishes. We will visit Lentekhi, we will have dinner with the local family in the village of Mele where we will get to know Svan cuisine. After dinner move through Zagaro Pass to Zemo Svaneti. At the summit of the pass we will have to walk 2–4–6 km, the complexity is medium. Then we will come to Ushguli village, spend the night in a family hotel.

Day 5
We start the tour from Ushguli village, finish in Mestia
1 day. Ushguli – Glacier Skhara – Ushguli – Mestia (60 km)
After breakfast we head to the glacier Skhara, where the river Enguri originates, you will be able to see where the river comes from and touch the glacier . Then we will head to Ushguli for dinner at Cafe Lile. After dinner we will reach Tetnuldi Mountain which is 3000 meters above sea level. Here we will be able to walk 2 – 4 – 6 km. the complexity is medium. Then we will go to Mestia. Overnight at Family Hotel in Mestia.
End of tour: Mestia, 19:00
Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 6
We start the tour from Mestia village and finish in Kutaisi
1 day. Mestia – Zugdidi – Kutaisi (250 km)

Tour starts: 10:00 from Mestia
After breakfast we will head to the Mestia Museum where you will find Georgian treasures of various centuries-old historical and religious artifacts, that reflect centuries-old history of Georgian culture. Then we will head to Zugdidi where we will visit Dadiani Palace. We will have dinner in Zugdidi and then we will go to Kutaisi. Accommodation at the hotel West Tower Kutaisi.
We finish the tour: 19:00 in Kutaisi

Day 7
Kutaisi, Borjomi
► We visit the Sataplia Nature Reserve, 11 km from Kutaisi. This is a corner of prehistoric nature with relict forests, labyrinths of karst caves and petrified traces of dinosaurs that lived in these places in the Mesozoic era, 160 million years ago.
►After a short rest we will visit the sights of the city, its old part.
►Then we will go to Borjomi.
►Overnight in Borjomi.

Day 8
► We will visit local Sulfuric Baths (6km).
►After Baths we will go hiking to Borjomi forest.
►Green Monastery – The Chitakhevi St. George’s Monastery is located in a picturesque place in the Borjomi valley. People called it lovingly “The Green Monastery”, because all the trees in the valley are of a special green color. The stones, with which the church is built, are also green, but some are dark and some are light.
►Overnight in Borjomi

Day 9
►First we will visit that day is GERGETY at the top of the mountain.
►This architectural complex from the XIV century is located in the village of Gergeti, 6 km from the town of Stepantsminda, at a height of 2200 m. The complex includes Holy Trinity Cathedral, constructed in the XIV century, the bell tower built in the XIV century, and clergy houses from the XV century. You can hike up to the complex in about two hours, hire a driver, or even rent a horse!
► Overnight in Kazbegi

Day 10
► Hiking to the highest situated town in our region – Juta. On the way, we stop by the mysterious statues that we call the Georgian Easter Island and we stop in the most important village of the region, which is Sno because Georgian Patriarch comes from there. Before we reach Juta, we will climb to the top of the Georgian defensive tower, and also take a walk in the tiny village of Karchuna, which is not ‘conquered’ by tourists yet and in which you can see the true face of Georgia.
After commuting to Juta, we will go on a trek under the Czauchi massif, which is called the Georgian Dolomites. After hiking return to Kazbegi (Stepantsminda)

Day 11
►One-day trip to Truso Valley:
This is a trip to the most beautiful valley in Georgia. Truso Valley is a magical place with magnificent mineral springs, a rapid river and natural “pools”. In the valley, we will go on a delightful trek (22 km of the flat route) through the Kasari Canyon, the abandoned village Ketrisi, two monasteries (women’s and men’s) to the Zakagori Fortress and the border with Ossetia, where the Georgian military base is located.
For those who wish: a bath in a natural “pool”. In the valley, we will meet many shepherds and their herds. After hiking – return to Kazbegi (Stepantsminda).

Day 12
►The waterfall is located in the village of Gveleti, 7 km from the town of Stepantsminda. You must first drive through the stunning Dariali Gorge, from which a short, leisurely hike up a narrow footpath leads the way to the Gveleti waterfall. Gveleti means “place of snakes” in Georgian.
►Arrival to Tbilisi

Day 13
►Will move to Lagodekhi National Reserve. At present there are five breathtaking, safe and informative tourist trails in managed reserve of Lagodekhi Protected Areas.Duration: 2 hours. Stop At: Ninoskhevi Waterfall, Lagodekhi, Kakheti RegionAfter arriving to Lagodekhi Protected Areas, we start easy hike to the direction of Ninoskhevi Waterfall. 8.5km, 4 – 5 hrs, (round trip) pedestrian, difficulty: average. The route starts from the Gurgeniani Information Center and follows the Ninoskhevi River on a narrow path.
►Further our path lies towards Kvareli. We look at local attractions.
►Overnight in Kvareli

Day 14

► After breakfast we will have hike to Kvareli woods. Here we will be able to walk 2 – 4 – 6 km. the complexity is medium.
►Nekresi is an ancient monastic complex located on the top of a mountain in the Alazani Valley in Kakheti. Many centuries ago there was once the eponymous city of Nekresi, the ruins of which can be seen from the height of the monastery.
►Arrival to Tbilisi
►Rise to Tbilisi funiculer

NOTE: The company reserves the right to make some an minimal changes to the tour itinerary. There may be changes in the schedule of trips on public, religious Christian holidays. The company is not responsible for any damage caused in the event of force majeure, natural disasters, unexpected delays on the roads and like as well as for loss of documents or money during the tour.

hiking-tour  Day 1 ►The rise on citadel Narikala, from where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the city. ►Walk down to World famous sulfuric baths, a favourite place of visit of A. Pushkin and A.Dumas. Where it is possible to take a bathe in sulfuric sources,...