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Kakheti tour offers a day in one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia. The very best wines come from Kakheti. Trip to Kakheti includes several tourist destination, such as Monastery of St. Nino in Bodbe, Sighnaghi – City of Love. On our way we will taste georgian bread called shoti. Shoti is traditionally baked in a deep circular clay oven called tone. During the harvest season, we will also visit one of the biggest wine factories in Khakheti, where you can taste and buy wine.

We will visit:

  • Bodbe Monastery – was founded in IV c. Here is the grave of St. Nino – the Enlightener of Georgia. The monastery now functions as a nunnery and is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia, due to its association with St. Nino, the 4th-century female evangelist of Georgians, whose relics are enshrined there. Also there is a Holly Spring named by St.Nino. Because of its healing power at any time of the year you can plunge in it and be cured of various ailments.
  • Masster classes: baking Georgian bread for guests of our company for Free!
  • Sighnaghi-city of love (10km). City impresses with its magnificent history. It’s enclosed by double fortified wall with 28 towers. Climbing on any of them, it seems that you can touch the sky.

As an option in Sighnaghi you can visit museum , where you can find pictures of world famous Georgian painter Nico Pirosmani.

  • KTW -Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking factory. The company has been learning Kakhian technologies since the first steps of its existence. It keeps ancient traditions of wine-making and uses clay vessels for preserving the best quality of wine.

It is the first company, which took traditional wine to the market in attractive and various vessels analogue to wine-jars. This finding was very successful.

Tour price not include:

  • lunch
  • Entrance tickets to museum

Tickets can be booked online with promotions and here, at our office

A few quick facts:

  • Departing: daily
  • Meeting time : 09.00
  • Meeting point: Georgia, Tbilisi, 1 Khidi street.

Tickets can be booked online with promotions – HERE or at our OFFICE

Price per person

             60 Gel